KPYN Broadcast schedule 1/23 – 2/28

Jan 23rd Friday Atlanta Boys @ LE 7pm

Jan 24th Saturday Texas A&M @ Tennessee pregame 11:30am tipoff Noon

Jan 25th Sunday Duke @ St John’s 12:45pm

Jan 25th Sunday NFL Pro Bowl 6:45pm

Jan 27th Tuesday Atlanta Boys vs PITT 7pm

Jan 27th Tuesday Texas A&M @ Auburn Join in progress

Jan 30th Friday Atlanta Girls vs Paris 6pm

Jan 31st Saturday Texas A&M vs Vanderbilt pregame 3pm tipoff 3:30pm

Jan 31st Saturday Memphis @ Gonzaga 8:45pm

Feb 1st Sunday Super Bowl XLIX Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots broadcast begins 1pm kickoff 5:30pm

Feb 3rd Tuesday Atlanta boys vs North Lamar 7pm

Feb 4th Wednesday Texas A&M @ Ole Miss 5:30pm pregame 6:00pm tipoff

Feb 4th Wednesday Washington @ Oregon (join in progress)

Feb 6th Friday Atlanta girls vs PG (senior night) 6pm

Feb 7th Saturday Texas A&M @ Missouri 4:30pm pregame 5:00pm tipoff

Feb 7th Saturday Kentucky @ Florida 7:45pm

Feb 10th Tuesday Atlanta boys vs Liberty Eylau 7pm

Feb 11th Wednesday Texas A&M vs Georgia 5:30pm pregame 6:00pm tipoff

Feb 11th Wednesday PITT @ Louisville join in progress

Feb 13th Friday Atlanta boys @ PITT 7pm

Feb 14th Saturday Texas A&M vs Florida 5:00pm pregame 5:30pm tipoff

Feb 14th Saturday UCONN @ SMU 7:45pm

Feb 16th Monday Seton Hall @ Villanova 5:45pm

Feb 17th Tuesday Atlanta boys vs Paris 7pm (senior night)

Feb 17th Tuesday Texas A&M vs LSU join in progress

Feb 18th Wednesday North Carolina @ Duke 7:45pm

Feb 21st Saturday Texas A&M @ South Carolina 10:30am pregame 11am tipoff

Feb 21st Saturday UCLA @ Arizona 7:45pm

Feb 24th Texas A&M @ Arkansas 7:30pm pregame 8:00pm tipoff

Feb 25th Wednesday Marquette @ Butler 6:45pm

Feb 28th Saturday Texas A&M vs Auburn 7:00pm pregame 7:30pm tipoff

Feb 28th Saturday Texas @ Kansas TBD

Bible Phrase That Pays


And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all. — Mark 9:35 (KJV)

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