Will Woodruff throws a no-hitter in Rabbits win over 4-A Paris

Will Woodruff no-hitter Rabbits

WIll Woodruff threw a no-hitter Friday in The Atlanta Rabbits 12-0 win over 4A Paris Friday at the Mount Pleasant Tournament.

Cory Graf got thing started for the Rabbits in the first inning with a 2-RBI double.

Will Woodruff no-hitter Rabbits

Woodruff, a right hander pitched 4 innings, allowing no hits while striking out 6.

Easton Owens led the Rabbs at the plate. Owens was 2-for-3.

The Rabbits brought the lumber and the leather

Atlanta was flawless in the field. The Rabbits did not commit a single error in the win.

The Rabbits will play at New Diana Tuesday. March 2nd through March 4th Atlanta will participate in the Texas High tournament.