Robin Betts named Police Chief in Atlanta, TX


On Monday, January 7th, Atlanta City Manager David Cockrell announced the appointment of Robin Betts as Atlanta’s new, permanent Chief of Police. The announcement comes after the approval of Cockrell’s selection by the Atlanta City Council at their Monday meeting.

Chief Betts has also been appointed interim Chief of Public Safety. “During the selection process we found Chief Betts uniquely qualified”, Cockrell said. “The chief is a Master level police officer, arson investigator, emergency management director, certified paramedic and has nearly thirty years of experience in the fire service” Cockrell added.

“On an interim basis the City of Atlanta will evaluate if one administrator can oversee all our public safety operations, not only police and fire, but code enforcement, building inspections and animal control as well” Cockrell said.

Mayor Travis Ransom added, “The chief is a lifelong resident of Atlanta, well known and respected by the community and he will do a fantastic job”.