Rabbits edge Arp 56-53


The Atlanta Rabbits edged the Arp Tigers 56-53 Thursday night in the area playoffs.

What helped the Rabbs overtake the Tigers in the second half was their man-on-man press defense.

“We just all week long said we got to push them,” coach Jarrod Boston said. “We got to run them. They kind of slowed it down and it was like — I was almost force to, to be honest with you. We don’t work on it a whole lot, but it was kind of forced to. The kids played it well. They played it well and it kind of made the difference. They weren’t expecting it, and we looked really good in it.”

Daimion Collins was the Superior Reality player of the game with 24 points.

“He’s played long enough,” Boston said. “He’s a smart player. He knew how to stay away from that fifth [foul]. He really, really played well. Got inside some in the second half and really went to work. He was doing a really good job hitting free throws for us. He’s probably our best free throw shooter on the season. So, really proud of that.”

The Rabbs move on to the quarterfinals to take on Mineola.



Daimion Collins: 24 points

Alex Boston: 11 points

Caleb Hamilton: 7 points

Keyshawn Easter: 7 points

Cam Dickerson: 5 points

Ken Washington: 2 points



Jonathan Blackwell: 12 points

Damien Williams: 10 points

Zachariah Muldron: 14 points

Elijah Muldron: 9 points

Colton Birdsong: 2 points

Blake Thorns: 2 points

A.J. Arrington: 2 points