Quitman beats Queen City 25-20


QUEEN CITY, Texas — Quitman was able to get past the Queen City Bulldogs 25-20 Friday night at Smith-Wall Stadium.

Jeremiah Drayton led all rushers with 19 carries for 202 yards and two touchdowns.

Clint Wiley went 6-of-14 for 60 yards and three interceptions along with rushing seven times for 25 yards and a touchdown.

Quiyon Ellison caught three catches for 46 yards.

The Bulldogs lost their only fumble and had four turnovers on downs.

Queen City had 12 penalties for 92 yards, and managed to generate 236 total yards.

Quitman’s run game tallied 58 carries for 216 yards and four touchdowns. Mason Reynolds led the way with 38 totes for 166 yards and three touchdowns.

Wyatt Hightower had 11 carries for 44 yards and a touchdown.

The Quitman passing game featured Ford Tannebaum going 2-of-2 for 42 yards.

Quitman lost three of their five fumbles and had a turnover on downs.

Quitman had 10 penalties for 70 yards and generated 258 yards total offense.


1st 2:36  QC Jeremiah Drayton 44 yard run (Jeremiah Drayton 2 PT Run No good)  QC 6 – 0
2nd 1:40  Q Mason Reynolds 9 yard run (Ford Tannebaum XP Try good)   Q 7 – 6
2nd 0:22  Q Mason Reynolds 4 yard run (Ford Tannebaum XP Try no good)   Q 13 – 6
3rd  10:01  QC Clint Wiley 1 yard run  (Delvon Federick 2 PT Run Good)   QC 14 – 13
3rd  6:12  Q Mason Reynolds 25 yard run (Ford Tannebaum XP Try no good)   Q 19 – 14
4th  11:34  QC Jeremiah Drayton 17 yard run (Clint Wiley 2 PT Pass No good)  QC 20 – 19
4th  2:11  Q Wyatt Hightower 18 yard run  (Ford Tannebaum XP Try no good)   Q 25 – 20