PFC hosting MMA fight at Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center

Fox Sports Texarkana’s radio host, Bob DelGiorno spoke with Peak Fighting’s crew and fighters about the upcoming event at 6 p.m. this Saturday, April 15th.

As the crew worked on building the cage for tomorrow’s match, DelGiorno made his way through the convention center halls to find the fighters preparing for a weigh in. First, he met with one of the events ring girls, Reagan. She hyped up the fight, saying the event is “one of the best things they have around Texarkana.” The last time Peak Fighting came to Texarkana there were 3 rounds in a row with less than 18 second knockouts, leading to some very exciting and entertaining fights.

DelGiorno then interviewed former UFC fighter, Johnny Bedford, who brought along three fighters to join in on the event. DelGiorno jokingly asks Bedford if the former competitor could “kill me if you wanted to.” Bedford confidently replies, “Probably.”

Next up, DelGiorno interviews one of Bedford’s fighters, Jonathan Vasquez. Vasquez will be the second fight of the night, and has a 1-1 record. He tells the fans “it will mean a lot to me and raise my confidence,” if they come out and support the event. DelGiorno then interviews Xavier Young, who’s taking on Tyler Ybarra. Young’s confidence is obvious, stating, “I came to bang, and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Skyler Malone came up to talk with DelGiorno next and says he hopes to “be the better technical performer in the ring tomorrow.” Malone’s opponent, Marcus Williamson followed up Malone’s interview by encouraging fans to get their tickets now. Williamson says, “Don’t wait ’til the door, get ’em now.” Tickets can be purchased online at

Match Ups

The fighters for tomorrow’s event isn’t finalized just yet, but the current lineup consists of:

Early prelim matches of Cailean Pahl and Tony Ortiz, Vinson Sellars and Jonathan Vasquez, and Sammy Martinez and Prince Mitchell.

Prelim matches featuring Dwayne Amoyaw and Shane Wright, Rod Moore and Christian Gavilanez, Tyler Ybarra and Xavier Young, and BJ Allen and Kason Charlton.

Then the main card matches featuring Kayembe Lukusa and Antione Lister, Marcus Williamson and Skyler Malone, and Jacoryon Larry and Joshua Carroll.

The main event will feature John Garza and Zack Horton, with the co-main event featuring Nancy Ramirez and Brianna Roper.

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