Paul Pewitt edges Atlanta 36-34

Peyton Harrison Atlanta win White Oak

The Paul Pewitt Brahmas outlasted the Atlanta Rabbits 36-34 Friday night.

Justin Pearce completed 1-of-10 for 13 yards and an interception, and also rushed twice for seven yards. Cooper McClure and Kameron Dickerson each completed a 6-yard pass. McClure also carried for a yard and a caught an 8-yard pass. Dickerson caught a 5-yard pass and also rushed eight times for 70 yards.

Larandeon Dowden carried eight times for 78 yards and two touchdowns. Daniel Hernandez ran 12 times for 90 yards and two touchdowns. Stacy Darty had a 3-yard run, and Russel Limbrick had three carries for 26 yards.

De’Korian Parker caught a 6-yard pass.


                              Quarter     Time             Score                              Play
Pewitt               1st          7:00              6-0                      TD-Deiontray Hill 10 yd run
Atlanta                      1st          4:11              6-7                      TD Daniel Hernandez 6 yd run
Atlanta                      2nd         2:05             6-14                    TD- Russel Limbrick 12 yd run
Pewitt                       2nd         0:05             14-14                  TD- Hayden Green 10 yd run
Atlanta                      3rd         11:25           14-21                   TD- Daniel Hernandez 6 yd run
Atlanta                      3rd         7:03             14-28                   TD-La’Randion Dowden 2 yd run
Pewitt                       3rd          5:41            22-28                    TD-Amyree Johnson 72 yd run
Pewitt                       4th          9:48             28-28                   TD-Hayden Green 1 yd run
Pewitt                       4th          6:57             36-28                   TD-Amyree Johnson 72 yd INT return
Atlanta                      4th          3:40            36-34                    TD- L Dowden 7yd run