Madelynn Howard is Atlanta High School’s 2020 Valedictorian


ATLANTA, Texas – There may not be another pandemic anytime soon if Madelynn Howard has anything to do with it.

At least that is what Atlanta High School’s 2020 Valedictorian is hoping she’ll be able to contribute after finishing med-school. Madelynn begins her quest this fall in pre-med at Baylor University.

Baylor rewarded Madelynn for being No. 1 in her high school class with a $181,760 scholarship. She received several scholarship offers, totaling $671, 810. Atlanta’s 2020 class of 120 was offered a total of $2,915,302.

Madelynn Howard celebrates with her parents and sister.

Howard will study biology at Baylor

Miss Howard will major in biology, with a minor in fine arts. Eventually she wants to be an Infectious Disease Specialist.

“At first I thought I was going to TCU,” said Madelynn. “When I walked on campus at Baylor, I knew this was where I wanted to go. Baylor has a really good pre-med program. After Baylor I’ll go to grad-school. Then I want an occupation in which my work contributes to the field of knowledge. I want to have a lasting impact on the world, while also relieving the suffering of others.”

Madelynn is the daughter of Cody and Jill Howard. Mr. Howard is the founder of “Church Under the Bridge” in Texarkana.


Arrendondo is Atlanta’s Salutatorian

Salutatorian Deniela Arrendondo also spoke Friday night at Rabbit Stadium. Howard and Arrendondo were two of 23 students that earned Summa Cum Laude honors. Another 14 were Magna Cum Laude, with seven named Cum Laude.

The graduating class, family members and friends were all treated after the graduation ceremony to a spectacular fireworks show.