Hughes Springs crushes Queen City 46-12

Daingerfield win at Queen City

The Hughes Springs Mustangs overran the Queen City Bulldogs 46-12 Friday night.

The Bulldogs had 21 carries for 134 yards as part of their 230 yards of total offense.

Clint Wiley went 10-of-26 for 126 yards.

Delvon Frederick led the way on the ground with 17 carries for 116 yards and two touchdowns.

Quiyon Ellison caught three catches for 59 yards.

The Bulldogs had five turnovers on downs as part of an other clean game protecting the football.

Hughes Springs’ Trevor Bolend had 13 carries for 119 yards and two touchdowns. Cole Edwards had nine carries for 86 yards and two scores. Patrick Boyd had 10 carries for 54 yards and two touchdowns.

Cole Watson went 0-2 passing.

The Mustangs had a fumble but did not lose it. They also had two turnovers on downs.

Queen City committed 10 penalties for 40 yards. The Mustangs had 12 for 93 yards.


1st 3:32  HS Trevor Bolend 26 yard run (Bolden XP Run No Good)  HS 6 – 0

2nd ??? (CLOCK INOP)  HS Bolden 6 yard run (Patrick Boyd Xp Pass to Chase Brown Good)  HS 14 – 0

2nd ???  HS Patrick Boyd 1 yard run (Boyd XP Run Good)  HS 22 – 0

2nd ??? QC Delvon Frederick 8 yard run (Frederick XP Run No Good)  HS 22 – 6

3rd ???  QC Delvon Frederick 65 yard run (Kaden Fincher XP Run No Good)  HS 22 – 12

3rd ???  HS Boyd 10 yard run (Boyd XP Run Good)  HS 30 – 12

3rd ???  HS Cole Edwards 47 yard run (Boyd XP Pass to Jake Murray Good)  HS 38 – 12

4th ???  HS Edwards 2 yard run (EJ Searcy XP Run Good)  HS 46 – 12