Elysian Fields demolishes Queen City 49-10

Daingerfield win at Queen City

ELYSIAN FIELDS, Texas ⁠— Missed opportunities by Queen City and big plays by Elysian Fields led to a 30-8 halftime score for the Yellow Jackets homecoming game.

EF took the opening drive and scored quickly to take an early, early 8-0 lead. QC’s follow up drive went 3 and out and the Yellowjackets proceeded to take the ensuing drive 63 yards to make the score 16 – 0 and never looked back.

QC did make a little noise by adding their first touchdown to make the score 16 – 8 late in the first quarter. The Yellowjackets took the following kick off down to the QC 5 yard line and would make the score EF 23 QC 8 on the very next play essentially negating any QC momentum. The Bulldogs did show resiliency, as their next two drives both proceeded to get the ‘Dawgs to within the EF 5 yard line. Neither drive would net points however and EF would add another TD on an 82 yard scoring strike to end the half at 30 – 8.

Queen City’s 3 turnover on downs with zero points for deep drives combined with Elysian Field’s combined three touchdowns from long passing and special teams play would essentially be the difference in the score in the first half.

Halftime adjustments would see Elysian FIelds focus on the run game as EF would have 146 yards and 2 TD’s rushing in the second half as compared to 35 yards and 1 TD in the first.Secondary problems continued to plague the Bulldogs as only one pass was thrown by the ‘Jackets on the second half resulting in a 43 scoring play that would end the EF scoring at 49.

The EF defensive front netted 7 sacks for the evening and increased the pressure in the 3rd quarter as QC was unable to replicate the strong drives of the first half.QC would end up with 7 turnovers for the game. All of them were from turnovers on downs. QC’s lone score of the second half was a result of a blocked EF extra point try that the ‘Dawgs scooped up and ran to the other end of the field resulting in the final score of 49 – 10.

Queen City will have a BYE next week, and will return to action on the 7 OCtober with an away game at Waskom.


42 Carries for 66 Yards

Clint Wiley was 10 for 26 passing for 149 yards and 1 TD.

Kaden Fincher leads QC rushing with 6 carries for 18 yards
Jeremiah Drayton added 15 carries for 16 yards
Clint Wiley carried 17 times for 15 yards

Lathan Chamblee lead QC receivers with 3 catches 60 yards
Delvon Federick had 2 catches for 59 yards
Rylee Green added 1 catch for 6 yards and 1 TD

7 total turnovers
T Turnover on Downs

5 penalties for 35 yards

265 total yards

Elysian Fields

28 carries for 181 yards

Dravian Rather had 9 carries for 88 yards and 2 TD
Desmund Harrison chips in 6 carries with 62 yards

Lawson Swank was 8 for 10 passing for 243 yards with 4 TD

Kip Lewis had 4 catch for 137 yards and 2 TD
Cayden Plemmons caught 2 passes for 27 yards and 1 TD
Sawyer Whaley added 1 catch for 43 yards and 1 TD

0 Total turnovers

8 penalties for 45 yards

424 Total Yards

1st 10:03  EF Lawson Swank 37 yard TD pass to Kip Lewis (Kip Lewis XP Run Good)  EF 8 – 0
1st 6:30 EF Swank 22 yard TD pass to Cayden Plemmons (Kip Lewis XP Run Good)  EF 16 – 0
1st 1:27  QC Clint Wiley 6 yard TD pass to Rylee Green (C. Wiley XP Run Good)  EF 16 – 8
1st 1:06 EF Dravian Rather 5 yard TD run (Daniel West XP Kick Good)  EF 23 – 8
2nd 2:13 EF Swank 82 yard TD pass to Lewis (West XP Kick good) EF 30 – 8
3rd 7:32 EF Rather 32 yard TD run (Lewis XP Pass No Good)  EF 36 – 8
4th 7:41 EF Jayden Anderson 1 yard TD run (West XP Kick Good)  EF 43 – 8
4th 5:21 EF Swank 43 yard TD pass to Sawyer Whaley (West XP Kick No Good)  EF 49 – 8
4th 5:21 QC Deketric Smith XP Kick returned for conversion  EF 49 – 10