Atlanta mayor Travis Ransom running for Cass County judge

Atlanta mayor

Atlanta mayor Travis Ransom is running for Cass County judge in the forthcoming 2022 election cycle.

The election won’t have an incumbent as Judge Becky Wilbanks will not be running.

Ransom has been the mayor of Atlanta since 2017. The mayor’s campaign claims a property tax rate reduction, removal of 80-plus blighted structures, department consolidation to save money, and per capita debt reduction as his accomplishments as mayor.

Ransom has been a 24-year Army Reserve sergeant major, and has been deployed to Afghanistan, where he led a formation that included over 400 Soldiers and 87 contractors spread over six countries in the CENTCOM area of responsibility and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service.

Ransom is a distinguished alumnus of A&M-Texarkana and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Sergeant Major Academy.

Ransom lives in Atlanta with his wife, Emily, and they have three children, and attend First Baptist Church in Atlanta.