Atlanta ISD on target with archery program

Atlanta ISD

ATLANTA, Texas — The Atlanta Independent School District (Atlanta ISD) says they had six staff members participate in an archery certification program on Aug. 5 to become basic archery instructors.

Danny Yarbrough with Outdoor Tomorrow Foundation says that they encourage schools to have such programs as it can improve a student’s attitude toward school, and also increase attendance rates.

“It gives kids who have never found something they like to do in school a chance to participate in school activities,” Yarbrough said. “It’s also a confidence builder for kids who have never had a teacher tell them they did a good job.”

Atlanta ISD says they offer the program for grades K-12 in conjunction with the National Archery in the Schools Program. It is offered during school and as part of the after-school BLAST program.

“Archery is something that everybody can get involved with,” said Serena Young, who works with the middle and high school program. “It doesn’t matter if you play sports or have a disability or what kind of personality you have. It really doesn’t matter. We are competing for ourselves and to try to better ourselves.”

As many as 70 students are projected to be involved on those campuses.

The archery program will be offered at all four Atlanta ISD campuses. All equipment will be provided. For more information, contact the individual campuses.