Atlanta High School Tennis Team takes 10-2 win over Mt. Pleasant

Atlanta High School Tennis Team

ATLANTA, Texas – The Atlanta High School tennis team traveled to Mt. Pleasant August 27 and took home a 10-2 win over Mt. Pleasant.

The tennis team consisted of Savannah Kitner, Jairy Medina, Gabby Rigdon, Courtney Alverez, Savannah Yaag, Jasman Lindley, and Kenya McKellar on the girls side.  On the boys team were Bryson Bourne, Samuel Jones, Jake Carter, Gage Whatley, Kristopher Johnson, John Hipp, and Landon Moore.

For team tennis each player plays a doubles match and a singles match; for each match they win the team earns a point. There are 19 points available overall and the first team to 10 wins. They continued to play after they reached ten with a final score of 17-2.