Atlanta evens series with Big Sandy Harmony 10-9


TATUM, Texas — The Atlanta Rabbits walked off the Big Sandy Harmony Eagles 10-9 in the eighth inning to win Game 2 of the regional quarterfinal series Friday afternoon.

The Rabbs will face the Eagles Saturday at 3:00 p.m. on for a third and decisive game.

Cooper McClure and Will Woodruff were the Superior Realty Players of the Game.

Ty Graph was the A-Jim’s Dirtiest Player of the Game.

McClure came in the fifth inning on the mound and gave up two unearned runs and provided 4.0 innings pitched.

“I just knew I needed to find myself to get the win,” McClure said after the game. “I thought they helped me out a little bit to get the win tonight.”

Woodruff, a freshman, hit the walk off to give the Rabbs a shot to clinch the series with Big Sandy Harmony, who won the coin flip and will play as the home team in the third game.

Coach Dave Hooten told KPYN that he enjoyed being the visiting team because, “we’re going to get after them early.”