5 killed in head-on collision on East Texas highway

Canton Texas woman killed wreck

TYLER, Texas (AP) — Authorities say a car driving on the wrong side of a two-lane highway in East Texas early Friday collided with an SUV, killing all five people in the vehicles. The Texas Department of Public Safety says the collision happened around 5 a.m. Friday on Texas highway 110 about 6 1/2 miles northwest of Tyler and 85 miles east of Dallas.

Sgt. Jason Bundy says a Dodge Charger was on the wrong side of the unlit highway and erupted into flames after rounding a curve and slamming head-on into a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Gerardo Lopez, who lives nearby, told Tyler television station KLTV that he tried to extinguish a fire in the car but couldn’t and that a man was screaming.