Queen City Bulldogs won’t change defense to stop New Diana

The Queen City Bulldogs won't alter their defense in an effort to stop the New Diana Eagles' spread, hurry-up offense.

QUEEN CITY, Texas — The Queen City Bulldogs won’t alter their defense in an effort to stop the New Diana Eagles’ spread, hurry-up offense.

The Bulldogs (3-2, 0-1) take on the Eagles (3-3, 1-1) in New Diana, and Bulldogs head coach Justin Burk told Jim Davenport on the weekly “Coaches Show” Queen City plans to play their style of defense against the Eagles.

“We do what we do,” said Burk. “After watching the Hooks film, I just thought we’ve got to tackle better. What we do we feel like matches up pretty decently against Diana as far as having good, solid, big D-linemen to help with the run game.”

Coach Burk pointed out people carry a misconception that because New Diana utilizes four to five wide receivers and also a no-huddle element to their offense, they will always be inclined to pass. However, Coach Burk says the Eagles averaged nearly 40 pass attempts heading into last season’s showdown, and New Diana instead flipped the script and ran close to 40 times and passing around 15 times in a 43-20 win over the Bulldogs.

“It just depends on what the defense gives,” Burk said. “So, we’re hoping to give a couple of different looks, but most of it will be base stuff.

“As soon as the whistle blows, they’re going to sprint to the line and try to run another play as quickly as possible. They’re really trying to speed the game up.”

The key to the Eagles offense is senior quarterback Jackson Sampson. Not just a scrambler, the 5-11 signal caller also keeps his eyes downfield to make big plays for New Diana.

Said Burk: “As you can see on film, there will be times this Friday night, hopefully not very many of them, but there will times he shows how well he scrambles and that’s what makes it really tough is once he starts scrambling and keeping his eyes downfield, it’s hard on defensive backs to try to stay covering people that long when a guy just scrambles like that. It’s a real tough challenge.”

The challenge begins 7:30 p.m. Friday night on Caddo County 105.3 FM and the Freed AM Sports app with Jim Davenport and Shawn Fitzgerald on the call. New Diana is a 38-point favorite over the Bulldogs.