Queen City Bulldogs beat Prairieland and improve to 2-0

Queen City Bulldogs Prairieland patriots

Queen City Bulldogs 20
Prairieland Patriots. 14

In a a very physical game at Smith Wall Stadium, the Bulldogs and Patriots went down to the wire with the game ending with an interception by Bradley Norton.

Prairieland jumped out to 14-0 lead, with ball control and milking of the clock. But Queen City has picked up the trait of their coach Justin Burk, never quit and stay competitive. Queen City scored on touchdown runs by Kemah Hicks from 26 yards out and Isiah Stiger scampered for 60 yards just before the half, to draw with 2 points, 14-12 with Prairieland leading.

Queen City shuts down patriots in second half

The Queen City defense stepped in the 2nd half by shutting down the Patriots run game, 17 carries for 31 yards after giving up 27 carries for 163 in the 1st half. Connor Bingham added the go ahead run from 3 yards out in the 4th quarter to seal the deal for the Bulldogs.

Next week, The Battle of Cass County, Queen City (2-0) will travel to Linden-Kildare (2-0).

Connor Bingham 17 for 82 yards 1 td
Kemah Hicks 9 for 34 yards 1 td
Isiah Stiger 2 for 77 yards 1 td
Dylan Scott 4 for 31 yards
Jesse Parker 1 for 1 yards

Dylan Scott – passing 0 for 3 1 int