Prayer Request Friday returns March 3 with a new host

By Mark Lane (@therealmarklane)


ATLANTA, Tx. — “Prayer Request Friday” returns March 3 on KPYN from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. with a new host who is excited with the new undertaking.

David Markham of Truth Infusion Ministries says while he doesn’t know the questions each person will have on the live call-in show, he knows the answers already.

“The answer to whatever problem we have in life is Christ,” said Markham. “In whatever level that may be, His ability in our situation is perfect and His love is perfect. We’re going to do our best to reach out to those folks that call in with the love of Jesus and agree with them in prayer and hopefully get to hear some testimonies about what God’s going to do in their lives just that we believe He can and get a chance to pray to Him about that.”

That “Prayer Request Friday” is a live call-in show will be a first for Markham, but he realized it was a great opportunity for Truth Infusion Ministries.

“This was a great opportunity for us to reach out to some folks in some areas that we minister in,” Markham said. “To do this live with the people in the area, we’re pumped about that opportunity.”

Markham isn’t a pastor “in the traditional sense,” but he has been involved with ministry for over 15 years. Truth Infusion Ministries, founded in November 2011, is in a church or two every weekend.

Said Markham: “We now have multiple ministers that work with Truth Infusion in various different ways, preachers, musicians, singers.”

Markham is a big believer in prayer and looks forward to seeing the fruits of believers coming together gathered in Jesus’ name for an hour once a week.


“We believe what the Word says about the power of prayer, and specifically the power of prayer when you join two or three together in the name of Jesus in faith and pray,” Markham said. “There’s something special that happens right there spiritually. We’re looking forward to reaching out to people that are at whatever level of need they are in and believing that our God loves them and cares and wants to get involved in whatever situation that is.”