KPYN Radio Atlanta celebrates their 67th year of broadcasting

kpyn radio 67 years broadcasting

KPYN radio in Atlanta celebrated their 67th anniversary of broadcasting Saturday.

Billy Walls is a KPYN listener from Atlanta, Texas and he called KPYN owner Robert DelGiorno in November 2016 with the history of the radio station.  Walls told Robert that he was listening to 900 AM on it’s first day broadcasting 67 years ago on November 18th, 1950.

The radio station was called KALT in 1950. The original owner of KPYN was David Womack.

kpyn radio 67 years broadcasting

Mr. Walls said that David Womack broadcasted on the radio station for the first time 67 years ago and he told Robert DelGiorno what the first words ever said by David Womack on 900 AM were.

KPYN radio 67 years broadcasting
David Womack, original owner of KPYN radio. The radio pioneer put KPYN on the air in 1950.

“Good morning everybody’s this is KALT coming to you from 900 on your dial,” David Womack said.

Works simular to what the radio station says now 67 years later.

Mr. Walls told Robert how great it’s been to see KPYN begin streaming the radio station world wide.

kpyn radio 67 47 years broadcasting
KPYN owners Meghan and Robert DelGiorno

The Radio Station Is Stronger Than Ever

KPYN radio is one of the strongest radio stations in the nation. In the past few months KPYN held a one day radio-thon collecting $5,000 for hurricane victims in Houston. This past Friday KPYN hosted a food drive that collected over 2,000 pounds of food for a local food bank in 5-hours.

“KPYN’s audience is huge,” KPYN owner Robert DelGiorno said. “Audience response to our promotions are mind boggling.”

kpyn radio 67 years of braodcsting
Judy Ragsdale from Rebecca’s Pantry, a ministry of Westside Baptist Church.

“We’ve spent a lot of money on improvements at the station, and a lot in salaries for staff and in donations to local charities in the 12 years my wife (Meghan) and I have owned the station,” DelGiorno said.

KPYN added an FM signal and other technological advances. However Mr. DelGiorno said it wouldn’t have been possible without the huge radio audience and steady advertisers who know that the  radio station gets results.

The Trading Post has been on the air in Atlanta since the first day of broadcasting.

Tommie Walls told Robert DelGiorno that in 1950, listeners would write down their trading post items on a piece of paper and give it to someone at Grogan’s Store downtown. The store was located where Lugi’s Restaurant is now. After the person dropped off their trading post announcement,  a person from the store would drive to the radio station on HWY 43. The announcer would read it live on the air.

Now you can call, fax or email to the program.

So, when you turn your radios on and listen to KPYN, you are carrying on an Atlanta tradition. Listening to a small town radio station whose owners are grateful for your support and for their employees hard work. A radio station whose owners know that it started with the Womack’s and continues with the DelGiorno’s, two families who realize it couldn’t be done without help from our Lord Jesus Christ.