Joe Delaney remembered at Dak Prescott’s inaugural Haughton Pro Camp

HAUGHTON, Louisiana — Dak Prescott, the new most-famous former resident of Haughton, says he is pleased with the efforts to memorialize his predecessor.
At Prescott’s eponymous camp presented by Adidas on Thursday at Harold E. Harland Field, a tribute was made to Joe Delaney, who died at the age of 24 years old rescuing drowning children in a pond after completing his second year as running back with the Kansas City Chiefs
“It really makes me happy,” said Prescott. “It really does. We had the field out here with nothing on it called ‘The Park.’ But it’s actually good to see the park up and a place where kids can go. I know the Delaney family. So, I’m sure that’s something they’re happy for. I can only imagine how happy Joe would be to see it and to see everything going the way it should be going.”
Nearly 750 kids showed up for Prescott’s camp. Two years prior when Prescott was entering his senior season at Mississippi State, there was nowhere near the turnout.
Said Prescott: “I think the number of kids from that camp to this camp explains what the last two years have been like. So, I mean, it’s been a blast being drafted, having the year we had with the Cowboys, my last couple of years in college. It was great. Just the support I get from all the kids coming out, their parents, staying in the stands and hanging around just shows the love this town I have and they have for me.”
Prescott caught the attention of the Bulldogs with his play for the Haughton Buccaneers on the very field he held camp for first through eighth graders. The 23-year-old hearkened back to the early to mid-2000’s and shared what his thoughts were.
“Basically be where I’m at now playing in the NFL,” Prescott said on what he dreamed about. “I wanted to play for the Cowboys and believed it when I was their age and just took a lot of hard work. And that’s kind of my message to these kids is that they can do it.”