Jerry Jones has audience with Pope Francis; pontiff blesses entire NFL, Hall of Fame

VATICAN CITY — Dallas Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones joined the rest of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2017 for a private audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday.

“What a magnificent day for the Hall of Fame and to have met Pope Francis and had him to have a recognition of what football, what pro football is, the ethos behind it,” said Jones. “It’s just a magical day.”

According to Gene Jones, Jerry’s wife, Pope Francis blessed the entire NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Cowboys Hall-of-Famers have been touring the world’s holiest regions recently. On June 16, Roger Staubach joined New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and a group of 18 Hall-of-Famers to visit Israel.

It would have been noteworthy if Staubach were a part of the Vatican Hall of Fame group, as the man who threw the “Hail Mary” pass and a devoted Catholic would have been in his religion’s capital.