Fidelity Communications to bring fiber optic high-speed internet to Cass County

ATLANTA, Texas — Fidelity Communications plans to establish high-speed, fiber optic internet to Cass County residents.

The effort is part of a 15-year master plan to convert existing coax plants to fiber optic plants that will provide faster internet, television, and telephone services to customers in Cass County.

“We do have a 15-year plan of hopefully, with no glitches, of converting all of our coax plants to fiber to the home,” said General Manager of East Texas and Louisiana Kip McVey. “Fiber to the home is much more efficient. It is much more reliable, lower maintenance.”

Currently, there are five systems in east Texas where Fidelity operates systems: Atlanta, Queen City, Jefferson, Marshall, Hallsville, and Carthage.

While there are no deadlines to upgrade these systems, McVey emphasized it is Fidelity’s ultimate goal.

Said McVey: “We’re learning new things every day, new options, new ways of doing things. So right now there is no set plan to start converting. We’re in the initiation and exploratory stage.”

Part of the exploration is the targeting of The Oaks neighborhood in Atlanta. Fidelity will use the community as a control group to test their fiber optics launch and learn from the results

“As far as our expansion, our number one goal is to convert the existing plant to fiber,” McVey explained. “But that doesn’t mean we won’t look at certain individual or subdivision developments as they come along to build into as well.”

Community involvement is also a spoke on Fidelity’s wheel of providing for its service areas. Along with their Local 6 crew covering a variety of East Texas high school sports and other programming, Fidelity has sponsored a number of events. In late April, Fidelity was an integral part of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Women’s Luncheon” event.


“[Community involvement] is very important,” said McVey. “It is right up there with the top. We want to give back and support the communities that we serve and that does business with us.”