Coach Justin Burk had Queen City Bulldogs lift weights, watch film during open week

The Queen City Bulldogs won't alter their defense in an effort to stop the New Diana Eagles' spread, hurry-up offense.

QUEEN CITY, Texas — The Queen City Bulldogs spent their open week watching film from previous games and lifting weights as they prepare to take on the New Diana Eagles.

Head coach Justin Burk joined Jim Davenport on the weekly “Coaches Show” Monday to give fans a glimpse into the Bulldogs’ week off.

“There was a lot of physicality and contact, especially the first couple days of the week,” said Burk, who has led Queen City to a 3-2 mark with an 0-1 record in 3A Region II District 7. “There was a whole bunch of film sessions and getting in touch with the reality of some of our shortcomings both as a staff and as a team. For the most part, I guess the focus of the week was physicality and not being scared to hit.”

Another focus for Coach Burk was re-timing the players in their 40-yard dashes and weightlifting, as he prefers to conduct that mid-season measuring during the off week rather than during a game week.

Said Burk: “I would hate for a kid to try to max and strain and pull some muscle on squatting or power clean in their back. So, we maxed this week. We had some good maxes. It’s always encouraging when you see a kid getting stronger mid-season because it’s very difficult to get stronger in season. It’s also very difficult in season to keep your normal weight up. You’re sweating so much and so much energy is burned and so many calories that practice and games kids lose weight. We saw that a lot of kids lost weight.”

During the bye week timing, the Bulldogs also added a new member to the “1,000-pound Club” in fullback Connor Bingham.

“He’s a junior,” said Burk, who claims the primary purpose of the 1,000-yard Club is to motivate his athletes. “He [sneaked] in just barely.”

Membership in the 1,000-pound Club is determined from power clean, squat, bench, and a conversion for how many “pounds” a 40-yard dash time is worth. Players with a cumulative score over 1,000 pounds gain admission into the club and also a T-shirt. Current members include offensive/defensive linemen Dylan Savage, Daniel Keene, Christian Little.

Catch the Bulldogs return to action against New Diana this Friday night at 7:30 p.m. on Caddo Country 105.3 FM and the Freed AM Sports app with Jim Davenport and Shawn Fitzgerald on the call.