Cass County Texas could get a white Christmas-National Weather Service said

cass county white christmas

Snow is possible this Christmas in Cass County.

The National Weather Service said that a system will move through Cass County beginning next Friday and continue through Christmas night. The system will bring precipitation. However, it’s too early too tell if the system will dump rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow or all of the above.

“We won’t know if it will snow in Cass County until mid week,” Michael Brown, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said. “Right now there is less than a fifty-percent chance of snow for Cass County, Texas on Christmas.”

Overlapping needed for snow in Cass County

The National Weather Service said that the chance of snow for Christmas in Atlanta, Texas and the surrounding area hinges on a phenomenon called “overlapping.” Overlapping is when warm air circulates above cold air, the weather service said.

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas in Cass County, Texas; keep dreaming. Snow will be possible at Christmas. However, we will let you know for sure during the week on KPYN 900 AM, 95.5 FM, KPYN.Net and KPYN radio on the Freed AM Sports APP.

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