Cass County Sheriff’s Department giving away free gun safety kits

Cass County sheriff free gun kits

Linden, Tx – Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe said that the Cass County Sheriff’s Department has over 300 free firearms safety kits that they are offering to residents. Sheriff Rowe told KTAL TV that the locks are in high demand.

According to law enforcement officials, the number of child injuries and deaths in Texas is on the rise and the reason for the increase is due weapons that are not properly secured.

The Cass County Sheriff’s department said that the gun locks they are offering are extremely popular with Cass County residents.

Cass County Sheriff’s department has given out over 100 locks so far

Cass County Deputy Donnie Vallery  told KTAL that they they have given out a hundred gun locks since Wednesday. Sheriff Larry Rowe said that they will give them out until they run out.

cass county sheriff free gun kits

The program that makes the free gun locks possible is called Childsafe, and it’s supported by a grant from the Department of Justice.

According to Sheriff Rowe, Cass County residents can pick up the gun locks Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

For more information call 903-756-7511.