Atlanta Texas Rocks the Latest Craze

Inspiration Rocks

The latest craze sweeping the country has finally hit Atlanta, Texas. Finding and hiding painted rocks. Yes, you read that right, painted rocks. The concept is simple; you find a rock, pick it up and post a photo of it to a local rock group. You can usually find the information for the group on the back of the rock.

Tagged RocksThe local Facebook group – Atlanta Tx 903 Rocks – already has over 800 members (myself included) since it was started only two weeks ago. Rocks have been reported found in downtown Atlanta, Atlanta City Park, Atlanta Public Library, Queen City Floral, Domino Federal Credit Union and Cass County Bank just to name a few place. Some of the rocks are painted with flowers, some to resemble animals and others with an inspiring message.

Pay it Forward

“But why?” you ask. “What’s the purpose?”  Local rock group founder, Amber Pond posted this to the group page “Atlanta Tx 903 rocks is a “pay it forward” community group and the sole purpose is to bring happiness and joy to the community! Paint a rock, find a rock, keep a rock or move a rock anything goes!” It’s also a great family activity, whether you are painting and hiding rocks or just hunting a re-hiding. Even the youngest family members can get in on the activity.

Tips & Guidelines

If you want to get started and join in the fun but don’t know how, there are even tips posted to the group page. You’ll also find plenty of ideas on Pintrest dedicated to the topic. If you do join in on the fun, make sure you include the group name on the back of the rock so when someone else finds it they can join in too. Also, rocks have been known to travel so you’ll never know where yours might turn up!Hidden Rocks

If you’re hiding or hunting rocks be sure to follow safety and community guidelines.  Don’t hide them where you have to climb, crawl or where someone could trip over them. Texas State Parks and Wildlife asks visitors to follow the “Leave No Trace” policy and not to leave rocks in the state park. Rocks are also happiest outside so unless a business has given you permission to hide in their store, please keep them outside.

Rumor has it, KPYN may get in on this trend with a special rock hidden sometime soon! Watch the KPYN Facebook page for details!