Atlanta Elementary School Students Knighted

The students at Atlanta Elementary School have been training all year to be modern day knights. Sir Barry Owens visits Atlanta Elementary School 2 times each year to honor those students chosen for “Honorary Knighthood”.  In August he presents the “Knight Vision “program to the students and in both January and May he knights many honorary knights and bestows the honor Squire and Page on others. The students have learned 5 Characteristics of Knighthood this year which are: 1) I always sit up straight. 2) I look my teacher in the eye. 3) When my teacher is talking, I’m not. 4) When my teachers ask me to do something, “Yes, Ma’am! Yes, Sir!” 5) I keep my hands to myself. AES is dedicated to the task of instilling character in our children. They are our most valuable asset and our future leaders!

Students Inducted in May 17th Ceremony include:

Knights (top row) Joshua White, Liz Booth, Lucy Ransom, Juan Campos, Principal Todd Marshall, Easton Whatley, Sir Barry, Madalynn Bourne, Autumn Walker, Amy Holland, and Aliya Shelton (middle row) Derrick Talton, Eddie Brewer, Jacob James, Ethan Harper, Lexi Brooks, and Diana Miranda (front row) Braiden Tolbert, Liam McKinney, Semaya Johnson, Abigail Bickham, Lyndsey Steward, and Isaiah May

Squires: (top row) Jason Thomas, Liz Booth, Shad Barr, Cason Whatley, Principal Todd Marshall, Kyle Gross, Sir Barry, Dylan Savage, Richard King, and Amy Holland (middle row) McKaylah Turpin, Stephanie Alonzo, Autumn Titsworth, Shamijala Gilliam, Marshawn Woodberry, Gibson Gray, and Kaleigh Webb (front row) Alicen Clemenson, Aliyah Parks, Hayla Hunt, Wade Bergt, Journey Mayfield, and Jalyssa Beltran

Pages: (back row) Liz Booth, Erick Cash, Principal Todd Marshall, Sir Barry, Amy. Holland, and Angelica Zuniga (front row) Ciara Navarro, Zairia Reynolds, Ireion Reynolds, and Samiyah Wells