Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce gives out annual awards

By Mark Lane (@therealmarklane)


ATLANTA, Tx. — The Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce had their annual awards banquet Saturday night at Atlanta Middle School.

Christus St. Michael Hospital-Atlanta came away with the Business of the Year award for its outstanding health services offered as well as heavy involvement in the community.

The work of the hospital was a perfect segue into the Man of the Year award, which went to Tom Granberry, who once was the chair of the Atlanta Hospital Authority that brought Christus to Cass County. His positive impact and leadership skills were the foundation for his nomination and reception of the honor.

Melissa Kimble took home the Woman of the Year award thanks to her volunteerism and passion for helping others in the Atlanta area.

The 2016 Educator of the Year award was presented to Bonita Brown for her dedication to educating students, even going so far as to cutting her summers short so she can develop more engaging lesson plans. Brown contributes greatly to molding the next generation of motivated leaders.

Youth of the Year went to Starr Davis, an accomplished young woman who has faced adversity along the pathway of choosing to put God first in her life. Davis has been one of the leaders in the senior class at Atlanta High School and has balanced her education with her social life and giving back to the community.


This flag was flown at the top of the U.S. Capitol and presented by Congressman John Ratcliffe.