Air Force Academy to turn Channing Davis from Running Rabb to Flying Falcon

ATLANTA, Texas — Former Atlanta High School product Channing Davis will be soaring into the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado this summer.

The alumnus from the 2013 class is approximately one of 1,200 accepted candidates for the academy out of a possible 9,100.

“It’s a blessing honestly,” said Davis to KPYN’s Michael DelGiorno on “Coffee and Comments” on The Original Trading Post Thursday. “I have to give all the glory to God and my mom, who raised me. I couldn’t have done it without both of them. And then my grandmother that also helped raise me. It’s a tremendous blessing. And really words can’t describe it. And I’m really lucky to be in the situation that I have and make the best of all the opportunities that I’m given.”

Congressman John Ratcliffe posted on his official Facebook page his pleasure in seeing Davis accepted into the academy.

“I’d like to congratulate Channing Davis of Atlanta, Texas for accepting his nomination to attend the US Air Force Academy,” the Congressman wrote in an official Facebook statement. “Channing has completed one year of USAFA Prepatory School and will report to the US Air Force Academy later this month. He plans to major in mechanical engineering, possibly attend medical school, and to apply to fly HH-60 search and rescue helicopters. His willingness to serve our country is truly inspiring, and I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.”

Davis plans to fly the HH-60 helicopters after falling in love with them during his tour of duty at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.

However, being a commissioned officer was never a part of Davis’ ultimate plan when he joined the Air Force straight out of Atlanta.

Said Davis: “I honestly didn’t know that prior to that people that enlisted could actually apply to go to the academy until my commander suggested it. So, that was not even my intention. I was just going to do my 20 years and retire.”

While other pathways to branch academies exists through the ROTC and OTN routes, Davis feels his route of enlisting and then joining the academy is economically prudent.

“The way I’m taking is through the Air Force Academy, which is, I think would be the best way because it’s tuition free and room and board are already paid for,” Davis explained. “So, it’s a full ride and you do your four years, your bachelor’s of science. And then you’re commissioned into the Air Force.”

Davis with his mother, Kim Mcwhorter-Stubbs Hill

The former waiter at Amigo Juan’s still has a grandmother in Atlanta and sundry relatives scattered throughout the ArkLaTex, though his mom now lives in San Diego. Davis was appreciative of his upbringing in a “close-knit community” with “a great school.”

Now, Davis will spend his next four years in the Rocky Mountains getting a priceless, prestigious education. And on Saturdays in the fall, he plans to cheer on his new football team in the Air Force Falcons.

“It’s actually all cadets have to go to every home game,” said Davis. “So, I’ll be in the stands cheering on my Falcons every Saturday they are there.”

Listen to the entire interview with Channing Davis on “Coffee and Comments” below: